About Us

Because I Care – Israel improves environmental and social awareness, by strengthening the concept of respect in the hearts of Israelis. By focusing on education, starting in the kindergartens the organization aims to raise a new generation of cooperative leaders and problem-solvers.

Founded in 2002, the non-profit is most famous for its Saki-Kaki program which operates throughout the country. Both a convenient resource for dog-owners and an important visual reminder to pick up after their dogs, the familiar yellow boxes have succeeded in changing people’s attitudes about dog waste. Already in 91 locations and expanding, the boxes have reduced the amount of dog litter in Israel– and punctured the myth that the problem was “unsolvable.”

Recognizing that our children are Israel’s leaders of tomorrow, the organization developed an educational initiative aimed at the nation’s kindergartners. Entitled “Because I Care”, the energetic and uplifting curriculum has already demonstrated it can motivate and empower children to believe their actions make a difference. Our training package is available free-of-charge to educators. It includes a CD with lesson plans, activities, worksheets plus our book.

Because I Care – Israel is bringing about an “epidemic of caring” (says Maariv newspaper) across Israel. When the concept of respect is embedded in society, our quality of life will improve.