Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is Because I Care – Israel?

A – Because I Care – Israel is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Israel.  Our mission is to improve environmental awareness and social responsibility in Israel by strengthening the concept of respect in the hearts of young Israelis.  We believe that once respect – for each other and our land – is embedded in our society, our quality of life will improve.

Q – Is Saki-Kaki a different organization?

A – No.  The Saki-Kaki project is the first program developed by Because I Care – Israel.  We are proud of its unprecedented, rapid expansion throughout the country – already in over 91 municipalities, kibbutzim, moshavim and private buildings and more than 5 million bags distributed in 2010 – but it’s only the beginning of our larger vision to renew values like leadership, personal responsibility and teamwork.

Q – Who does Because I Care – Israel serve and where does it operate?

A – Because I Care – Israel benefits all Israelis – children and adults, haredim and secular, kibbutzniks and cosmopolitan, Jew and Arab.  Headquartered in Tel Aviv, our programs extend to every corner of our country.

Q – Is Because I Care – Israel affiliated with the government of Israel or any other groups?

A – No. Because I Care – Israel is an independent organization.  We do cooperate with other non-profit organizations (S.O.S and Guide Dogs for the Blind) as well as businesses (Eukanuba) that share our focus. We also work closely with municipalities and local councils.

Q – Are donations to Because I Care – Israel tax deductible?

A – Yes. Your donations to Because I Care – Israel are fully tax-deductible under the Israel Internal Revenue Code: 580397172.

Q – Who can I contact about refilling an empty Saki-Kaki box?

A – If you notice that your local Saki-Kaki box is out of bags, you can call the number 106 from any landline or mobile phone in Israel to be connected to your local municipality and city information department.   This is where all refill requests should be directed.

Q – Sometimes it’s hard for me to pull out a Saki-Kaki bag from the box.  Why don’t you put them on a roll to make this easier?

A – Each new model of Saki-Kaki boxes has improved over the previous version, minimizing the chance for wasted bags and enhancing protection from vandalism.  In the past, we found dispensing bags on a roll caused some people to take more bags than was necessary.  Extra bags were sometimes discarded in the area around the box, causing a litter problem.  Newer boxes have eliminated this problem.

Q – Are the Saki-Kaki bags recyclable?  Are they biodegradable?

A – Yes. All Saki-Kaki bags are made from recycled materials, and they are significantly higher quality than other bags sold in Israel.  We have also distributed biodegradable bags in a few Israeli test markets, but found that these bags’ higher costs prevented more cities from using them.  Our research for vendors able to provide lower cost, biodegradable bags continues, and we hope to make an announcement in 2011 about plans to switch over entirely to biodegradable bags.

Q – Are Saki-Kaki bags and boxes made in Israel?

A – Yes. All Saki-Kaki boxes and bags are made in Israel.

Q –If I would like a Saki-Kaki box in my park/on my street.  How do I make that happen?

A – If there are already Saki-Kaki boxes in your community, you can contact your local Municipality and City Information department and request they add a box to your location.  If your community does not yet have Saki-Kaki boxes, please contact Because I Care – Israel, and we will send you information to present to your municipality.  You can also contact us about purchasing a box you’d like to install on a private property (e.g. office or housing complexes).

Q – Can I order a supply of Saki-Kaki bags for my personal use?

A – Yes. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to order a personal supply of Saki-Kaki bags.

Q – How has the Saki-Kaki project impacted Israel?

A – Our familiar yellow boxes and humorous compelling logo are more than a convenient resource for dog-owners.  They are an important visual reminder to pick up after our dogs and they’ve succeeded in changing Israelis’ attitudes about dog waste.  As an example Tel Aviv’s largest park Ganei Yehoshua, is now 77% cleaner since installing Saki-Kaki boxes in 2006.  From Nahariya to Eilat, the boxes have reduced the amount of waste on our sidewalks, parks and beaches – and punctured the myth that the problem was “unsolvable.”

Q – How can I contact Because I Care – Israel?

A – You may contact us by:



or by posting to our Facebook Wall.