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Because I Care – Israel is a registered nonprofit organization (number 580397172), located and operating in the state of Israel.  Your donations are fully tax-deductible under the Israel Internal Revenue Code.


Donations and product sales support Because I Care – Israel.  As we launch new projects aimed at improving environmental awareness and social responsibility, we’ll rely on your individual donations to support our expansion.

We need the patience to accept the things we cannot change.

We need the resolve to change the things we can.

We have the vision to make the difference

Join us!

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We invite you to become part of an “epidemic of caring” throughout Israel.  On every page of our website you will find a “Donate” button, allowing you to make your contribution securely through PayPal, Credit and mail.


We are developing an exciting membership program.  Check this page or “like” us on Facebook for updates on when the program is expected to launch, as well as the benefits of membership.  Thank you. 03-516-5510