Imagine an Israel where people worked together more to solve common problems instead of falling back on complaining and inaction. With early education, starting with our young children, we can make it happen.

Today’s children will be Israel’s leaders tomorrow.  The values and skills they acquire now start influencing our culture immediately.

We have developed and tested a kindergarten curriculum, “Because I Care,” designed to motivate young children to become pro-active, empowered with the belief that they can make a difference. Young, responsible leaders able to understand core values like respect, and caring, conflict resolution, team work etc.

Our curriculum is based on the book Watch Out, There’s Kaki!, a true story, authored by Kirk Weisler, who uses the problem of dog waste to inspire the core values mentioned above. It’s about how people respond to kaki on a soccer field – the complainers who do nothing and one leader who becomes a Super Hero and role model by taking a simple positive action.

This is not about cleaning up dog litter, but instilling core values that touch every area of our lives.

We have packaged our “Because I Care” educational program on a CD, ready for teachers to use- which contains complete lesson plans, activities, worksheets and games, plus our book, to use in the classrooms.

Work with us to make this happen

We’re able to provide it free of charge, thanks to a donation we’ve received in support of this program.

We invite educators to receive their free copy of this CD and book and partner with us in rooting these concepts into the hearts of our youngest citizens and raising a generation of pro-active leaders with a social conscience.